2 Questions about Timestamp and DNP 3.0 Gateway

(Miracle T Maker) #1

Hi, I’m setting up a project which consist of IEDs, HMI and a gateway. HMI will communicate with IEDs via IEC61850. After getting the status from IEDs, it will map the status to DNP 3.0 and send it to SCADA simulator. This is the problem that I found.

1 I compare the timestamp with its UTC time. It’s the same, but my timezone is GMT+7. How can I show the local time on the alarm list?

2 I’m new to the gateway setting and not familiar with DNP 3.0. This is the setting for the DNP Slave in my project.

DNP3Slave3 DNP3Slave2 DNP3Slave4

Is there anything wrong in this setting? I cannot communicate with DNP master.

I change the connection to UDP and change some settings.

Still cannot communicate. This is the capture of the requested msg.

(Eduardo Luiz Grazziotin) #2


Propably this field is returning the equipament timestamp. The IEC61850 Standard uses the UTC timestamp, so, you could try to apply an offset directly on the Client. Try to enable the “Apply Local Time offset” on “IEC61850 General” tab of Drivers configutarion. Then, uses the “DataField” field, instead of using “DateTimeUTC”.

The following artice should help you to configure the Gateway:

About the DNP3 Slave configuration:

  1. In a Master - Slave communcation, the Master side proposes the TCP/IP connection. So, you have to enable the “Listen for connections on port”, setting the port that the Slave will be waiting for connection. In the Master side, you have to configure the IP and Port.

  2. Will your Master work with events scan ( class 1,2,3) or Unsolicited Messages? If it is going to work with Unsolicited, then you have to enable “Use Unsolicited Messages” option;

  3. Beyond that, your N2 and N3 parameters are not correct, you have to use N2 = 1 and N3 (202, becausa you are using SOE). Exemple: N1: 21 (Discretes) N2: 1 N3: 202 N4: Address

  4. The following article shows an exemple about DNP configuration: