Alarm Activation Delay


I am using Elipse E3 Version 4.8.
There is requirement of Alarm activation delay in my application. How can i configure the same?
As per my knowledge and earlier communication with India channel partner few months backs, if you set any delay then the same is applicable for activation as well as deactivation of Alarm.

As per client’s requirement they need delay to be calculated only during activation time.

Please suggest.
Thanking you in advance.


Hi Suraj!

You can do this by creating a digital link between the Delay property and the Alarm property, as shown in the image below.


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Thanks a lot Paulo…!!
By doing this its visibility in the Alarm summary is getting delayed, but after delay it gets logged in the Alarm Summary with the timestamp before delay.

Please suggest.


This is an expected behavior by design. InTime/OutTime value comes from the Tag timestamp. When an alarm is activated with delay, InTime value will be the timestamp of the last Tag value.