[Answered] Tag not read from driver in runtime (demonstration mode)

Hi all,

I’m following the video tutorials on how to link a breaker to a IEC68150 relay.
The driver is functioning well:

I’m simultaneously sniffing my network traffic (the IEC61850 relay is on a separate VM) and I see MMS communication going on.

The IL1/IL2/IL3 measurements are linked to the tag in the driver:

The ActiveSource of IL1/2/3 is set to ‘1 - stScada’

However, when I run the application none of the measurements are shown, and no MMS communication is going on in the network.

Please note that I’m using demo mode, as I am evaluating whether Elipse Power is suitable for our purposes.

Thank you in advance for your help


this is because the IEC driver only works in demo mode in Studio. To use it in Runtime, you need a license.

If you wanna see how the objects work (without a driver), use the Operator mode in the ActiveSource property.

Thank you @Fernando, that explains a lot (some sort of runtime error message would help a lot though ;)). Unfortunately it’s all about the network communication for me, so the Operator mode doesn’t cut it.