Driver help needed


I am having Mitsubishi PLC FX 5U 32MR. I need to use this PLC with E3 scada 2.5 or 4.8 version.

Pls suggest driver for the same to be use in E3.

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Hello @Mayank,

The E3 version will be defined by your hardkey and not by the driver.
If you are using 2.5, you can stay in this version. The same for 4.8 version.
In both versions you will need to use the Mitsubishi MX driver to communicate with your PLC. You will need to install the MX Component provided by Mitsubishi.

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Dear Link,

Hello. Pls find the attachment of screenshot. I found only Mitsubishi MX driver with dll file.

Pls share downloading link for “MX Component”.

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Hello @Mayank,

MX Component is provided by Mitsubishi.
Another option it is to use Modbus driver.