E3 application start up issue


Dear sir,

For one of the customer, customer is having two users at present.
One is administrator user. And second is service user. Both the users are linked to domain.
Now when we opens Scada DOM file, it asks for the user & Password. When we enters administrator user & password, it runs the Dom file. But when we enter service user, it gives error of “wrong elevation”.
We have given full control for service user as well for DOM file.

So is it necessary to run E3 file with only administrator user.?

I have already contacted to AutoVue Engineer, But we are unable to find any solution.

(Paulo Gustavo Süffert) #2

Dear Mayank,

To run the domain, just set the option to run automatically at E3 Server startup. See more details at this link:


To run the Viewer, follow the directions in this article: