E3 scada redundancy

(Suraj Bharat Keer) #1


My application consists of SCADA Redundancy.

There are 2 SCADA machines available in these case. So is data to be logged in both the SCADA machines (SQL)??
Can u please share ref application if any. How the synchronisation between both the SQL takes place in this case since we will be providing only 1 SQL name in the development mode to log the data in SQL.

Please note that 3rd computer is not available in this case.

Thanking you in advance


(Luiz Fernando Freire dos Reis) #2

@surajkeer, good day.

There are only two ways to use the Database in Hot-StandBy architecture. This article explains what these alternatives are in item 3.


(Suraj Bharat Keer) #3

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for the help, its running fine as per the topics mentioned suggested by you.

I would like to know whether third PC or other additional PC is required/compulsory needed to be in LAN other than these 2 SCADA servers??

If yes, in case if there are only 2 Computers available on site. How these redundancy can be handled??


(Luiz Fernando Freire dos Reis) #4

@surajkeer, good day!

It isn’t necessary if you have another device in your LAN to use as “Integrity ping” as explained in this article.


(Suraj Bharat Keer) #5


We are executing the system which has been discussed earlier. The issue we are facing as of now is, we are able to synchronise the data of Main PC to Backup PC, but whenever the Backup PC is activated data gets logged in to the back up PC but the same is not getting synchronised with the main PC when it becomes activated again.

Please suggest.