Energized / de-energized nominal voltage

how can i test these properties? can i used a simulation protection relay with iec61850 to see the change on the energized / de-energized voltage on the single line diagram (sld) ??

since i had read that the topology processor which it is one of its properties of the sld line that it can only show on runtime.

please advise

Dear raifana19,

Yes, you can use a IEC61850 Server Simulator (Like InfoTech 61850 Server).

But, to test the topology processor, you also can set the ActiveSource property of the Swtich/Breaker position measurement of the device, like “Operator”, and manuallty configure it position.

You can find more information about this configurations on the “ElipsePowerTutorial”, on the Installation folder of the Elipse Power.

In addition, our algorithm takes into account only the topological state of the model, not taking into account the measured voltage. Therefore, you can test the algorithm only through the position of the switches and circuit breakers.

okay thank you…that really help me.
can i know the difference of properties / definition between topology processor & operator??
for my further understanding

thank you

You can find more information about the topological state in the Elipse Power installation manual, as well as the Power HMI tutorial.