Error when control CB through IEC104M to IEC104SL/IEC61850

Dear Pro,
I have a question about IEC 104 Slave and IEC61850
In pictures, im controling CB from IEC104 Master ( IEC Test software) to Elipse Power Gateway
When i send command to gateway, the screen show 1 error message as the picture, But CB so close/open good
So how to do visible message

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How did you implement the Gateway?
Can you paste here the script that you’ve developed to treat the receiving command?

I played default scipt of Elipse :
Sub CB.372_OnRead

CMD = Item(“Element1”).Value ’ command value (depends on the command type)
COT = Item(“Element2”).Value ’ COT (cause of transmission)
SE = Item(“Element3”).Value ’ 1=Select, 0=Execute
QU = Item(“Element4”).Value ’ Quality of command

Application.GetObject("IEC61850.Bay372.CB.Pos.SelectWithValue").Value = CMD-1
Application.GetObject("IEC61850.Bay372.CB.Pos.Operate").Value = CMD-1
WriteEx Array(CMD, 10, SE, QU), TimeStamp 'ACTTERM	

End Sub

[ At the substation, I take data from IEC61850 to IEC104SL. In the Center, IEC104M send command (Close/Open CB) to station. The command is still executable
But elipse show 1 error what is script fail

Instead of using:

Application.GetObject(“IEC61850.Bay372.CB.Pos.SelectWithValue”).Value = CMD-1
Application.GetObject(“IEC61850.Bay372.CB.Pos.Operate”).Value = CMD-1

Try to use the WriteEx Method:

'WriteEx(NewValue, NewTimestamp, NewQuality)
NValue = CMD-1
Application.GetObject(“IEC61850.Bay372.CB.Pos.SelectWithValue”).WriteEx NValue,Timestamp,Quality
Application.GetObject(“IEC61850.Bay372.CB.Pos.Operate”).WriteEx NValue,Timestamp,Quality

Using this method, you can propagate the received timestamp.

Beyond that, you can try to chage the “Select/Execute command:” property to “Handl Automatically”

oh. thankyou. i used “writeEx” for the script and elipse run good.

from where to download IEC Test Software please help me