Key board issue in 4.8 version of e3

Hi Team.

Query for Key Board provided by elipse (we are using 4.8 version)
(1) I have query for key board provide by elipse in 4.8 version. We found issue in identify the caps lock is on or off. Due to this user passwords gets block on regular basis.
Provide solution for the same as we found difficult to identify from elipse key board that weather caps lock is on or off.

Another query is related to users. (We are using 5.5 version of E3)
(1) We need user list who are made by admin in run time.
(2) There is option of NEW / EDIT / REMOVE for users. We want to disable the REMOVE option from SCADA. How to do this. We does not want to remove the user once it created by admin.

Provide the solution at the earliest for both queries.
Thank in Advance…!!

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Hi John!

(1) This feature (Caps Lock indicator on the KeyPad) was implemented in version 5.5. An upgrade is required in this case.

(2.1) The list of users/groups can be accessed (only by administrators) at runtime by executing the ‘UserAdministration’ method.

(2.2) Currently, there is no configuration available to disable the ‘Remove’ button. Permission to configure users/groups can be denied, as shown in the picture below.



Thanks for the feedback.

Let me know that Can we use this key pad in 4.8 version.??

We have 18 systems having in plant of elipse E3 scada. We can not go for upgradation as we need to qualify and validate the system. Same time we dont have breakdown time as well for upgradation.

Pls let me know the alternative to achive caps lock indicator in 4.8 version.

I’m sorry, there is no 100% efficient alternative.

Upgrades can be done gradually. Please contact our local partner. He will know how to proceed.