LDAP integration


Pls let me know the connectivity of LDAP with E3 4.8 version.

Also pls help out for connectivity of the same with domain’s active directory.

Hello Mayank!

I believe your question was answered earlier in another post (link below). If you still have questions, please give more information about what exactly you want to do.


Yes. We have talked previously as well.

Dear Paulo, Customer has created some users and related group of levels in his active directory of the domain server. Customer need to use these users with group in our E3 application.

From our previous conversation its ok that we can use windows user in our application as per attached screenshot.


My query is that, is it necessary to add windows user in our application via user administrator.

We can use windows user in E3 application without adding or not.???

No, it’s necessary to register the user in E3.

Dear sir,

If user need to register in E3, then the user need to physically available on machine and need to select group every time.

Can we fetch directly Groups also from Active Directory of Domain, like we fetches users from domain.??

We want that Administrator can configure the user without physically available on machine.

Can we use windows local group in our E3 group.?? In this case IT person will configure users and give rights as per this groups.

Hello Mayank

E3 does not get the user group automatically, for the informed scenario, the answer would be the same as Paulo Gustavo, in the article Use of LDAP In e3 for users

For E3’s “automatic” integration with AD currently, you need to create your own scripted user/group management, or manually register and configure.

Dear Sir,

I have run this sample application on domain PC. After pressing query button, there are many message box came as per script. But sir I was unable to understand what it means.

No any groups I found in application.

Can you please explain how this query works?

May i share that all message box which came after clicking query button.?

Is i need to enter anything in the script or modify script, or need to enter my domain name in the script.

Dear Mayank,

The mentioned sample application is intended to provide a simple demonstration of how to access AD users and groups by script. Message boxes are for didactic purposes only. There is nothing ready to use this way, you need to develop all the desired integration from this initial base.

Our local partner (Autovue) can provide further guidance if required. See contact details below.