Missing viewer scroll bar

I have an application with multiple screens defined.

I have 2 identical screens (Incinerator 1 and Incinerator 2) that control 2 identical machines.

When I open the incinerator 1 screen, I get no scroll bars for the screen.

When i open incinerator 2 screen, I have scroll bars which allow me to move around and view all areas of the screen.

I cannot figure out what is different in the configuration. how do i get scroll bars for both screens?

Hi Tracy!

How exactly are you opening each screen?

If you are using the Open Screen “Pick”, just check the “Enable scrollbar” option as shown in the figure below.


If you are using the OpenScreen method, you can enable the scroll bar using the following syntax:

OpenScreen “Screen_Name?Zoom?Scrollbar?Alignment”

The question mark (?) is used for delimiting the properties.


1: Fit screen/page
2: Fit width
3: Fit height
4: Whole page
Percentage: any numeric value added here that is different from the ones above will be read as percentage.


0: Scrollbar inactivated.
1: Scrollbar activated (if the screen size is larger than the reserved space)


0: Use default
1: Force upper left
2: Force center


Sub CommandButton1_Click()
	Application.GetFrame("_top").OpenScreen "Screen_Name?100?1"
End Sub

That worked thanks. I was looking all over for the setting.

Never thought to look at the pick screen button.

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