Report Can not read Thai word!

(Nitipat Sakunwongsalee) #1

why report can not read Thai word

(Paulo Gustavo Süffert) #2

@Nitipat_Sakunwongsal, unfortunately this is a limitation of ActiveReports 2, the third-party component that we use for creating reports in E3.

Workaround: Move the script to an E3 native object (for example, the button that prints the Report) and save the selected string (Thai characters) in an Internal Tag. This way, you can show the value of the Internal Tag in the Report.

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(Paulo Gustavo Süffert) #3

Workaround #2: Using the ChrW function. For example:

Case 10
    Words_1_19 = ChrW(&h0E2A) & ChrW(&h0E34) & ChrW(&h0E1A)