Windows User Login


Client is having Elipse E3 Version 4.8 which has been supplied recently around 3-4 months back.

21CFR points related to E3 User login/logout/block/pop up on wrong credentials attempt, etc. are working completely fine for users created in E3.
Customer is insisting for Window User only and shall not be using E3 user as he is used to it and has been using the same in other Scada soft wares. So following are the few points which have been highlighted by customer and is awaiting for positive feed back to complete the project validation and take the handover of the same.

i) User list to be display during user login
ii) Wrong user name/password to be popped up when enterig Wrong user name/password
iii) User Lockout/ Unlock option should be displayed in software
iv) Account Lockout message should be displayed after 3 invalid attempts

Above points are not functional in case of Windows user.

Awaiting for you feedback,
Thanks in advance.


Dear Suraj,

I am not sure I understood exactly the points.

  1. Does the customer want to see a list of logged in users or a list of registered users? The list of logged in users can be obtained from version 5.5 through a new object that allows access to information of all clients connected to the server. The list of registered users can be viewed (and edited) using the UserAdministration method, only if an admin user is logged in.

  2. From version 5.1, you can create your own login screen using the method LoginWindowsUser and get error details through the OpStatus return parameter.

  3. You can find this option in the Domain Settings, as shown in the image below.

  4. You can set the number of invalid attempts, as shown in the image below.


Hi Paulo,

Let me put up things again in a different way.

  1. Suppose overall 5 windows user have been registered in E3 as windows user. Whenever customer click on the Login button and Pop Up screens comes up for entering username and password, customer is saying there should be dropdown list to select already registered users and should not enter the windows username manually each time during login.

  2. Although I have enabled block user feature as per the image shown by you above, the same is not getting applicable to Windows user. This feature works completely fine in case of E3 user.

  3. Also, whenever wrong password is entered in case of E3 user, there is a pop up as such access denied but the same is not reflected in case of Windows user.

Let me know in case if any additional details are required, I shall share the same with actual screenshots.


Dear Suraj,

Regarding the points:

  1. When creating users with Windows authentication, E3 uses the same user interface used by Windows, which follows security standards and has been validated by competent agencies regarding the treatment of sensitive data. By the way, there is nothing in the CFR21 standard about this. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, you can create a customized login screen with the LoginWindowsUser method (implemented since version 5.1). In this screen you can insert a ComboBox and add by script the name of previously registered users.

  2. You are right, the suggested configuration does not work in this case because E3 cannot manage Windows users. The LoginRetries property also does not apply.

  3. You are right again, this is the default behavior of the Windows user interface. There are only 2 ways to exit the login window in this case, by entering the correct username and password or by clicking the Cancel button. The alternative is the same as in point number 1: create a customized login screen with the LoginWindowsUser method that returns details of the error through the “OpStatus” parameter.